I love to sing!

I want to be a voice major!


Am I ready to compete at the college level?

What kind of voice major degree should I pursue?

Will I be able to support myself and a family?

What skills should I be building?  

What are college and university programs expecting in scholarship auditions?  

​​​​​Thousands of high school students and their parents are asking these questions (and many more!) as they consider if a degree as a voice major is the best choice.

How do you find the answers and make a wise decision?

first...don't freak out.


​​I will always cherish the wonderful things you have taught me...not just about voice, but about life.  You taught me so much about my voice that I didn't even know I could learn.  I'm proud of who I am today because of you.

​Aria G

Hi, I'm the guy below who looks so upset.  

I'm Dr. Keith Brautigam, and I'm a 30-year university voice professor and professional singer (this is me on stage with Cleveland Opera).  You can read more about me HERE.

I'm excited to tell you about a voice lesson evaluation program you can BEGIN RIGHT NOW that will provide the professional input you need to make an informed decision in LESS than a month!

Introducing Dr. B's

28 Days to an informed decision:

A program designed for High School singers (and their parents!) who need help and direction as they weigh one of the most important decisions of their life.

​28 Days is a program that will help you discover...

  • The university ​major in voice that is the right choice FOR YOU.
  • The careers that best match not only your voice...but your passions, dreams, personality, musicianship, and even your spiritual life.
  • The vocal or musical deficiencies you need to address NOW so you can thrive in your college study.
  • The kind of practice routines and habits that will give you the edge to successfully compete at the next level.
  • The songs that are really great for your voice and talent so you can prepare YOUR BEST scholarship audition.
  • A professional's perspective of your unique musical and personal gifts - so you will be confident of who you are, what you need to work on, and all you have to offer through the talents you have been given.

You mentored me in a very meaningful way.  Going to college has been an identity crisis for me...not knowing who I am and where my talents lie, but you had so much faith in me.  I wasn't even going to audition for voice in college because I didn't think I was very good.  You really encouraged me to be more than just somebody who can sing a little bit, and to take responsibility for the talent I have been given...and that means so much to me.

​Mark P

In short, the 28-Days Program provides you with extensive and systematic input from a 30-year seasoned professional, so you can KNOW if ​the major you are considering is a good match for...

​...the VOICE you have been given, 

​...​your DREAMS of the future, 

​​...and the PERSON you are.


​Dr. Brautigam challenges each of his students to use their strengths to improve their weaknesses. He is constantly striving for excellence in each voice; every exercise, assignment, and repertoire choice embodies a certain goal for each student.  In addition, his door is always open to his students for life questions, personal problems, and support in any situation.  Not only is he a teacher, he is a "friend" to all of his students.

Jennifer Rowley - Metropolitan Opera International Soprano

       Dr. Brautigam holds his students to a high standard, but with a nurturing teaching style that encourages confidence in one’s voice and cultivates continued love and appreciation for the music.   I have treasured studying with Dr. Brautigam...and have made countless gains with his guidance, both vocally and artistically.                                                               Ashlee B

Enter your text here...

Depending on what you desire, you may choose from three different limited-enrollment, 28-day programs that progress you through either FOUR, SIX, or EIGHT different phases over a 4-week period delivered through FOUR, FIVE, OR SEVEN half-hour, carefully constructed private online lessons/sessions.

Your lessons and assignments incorporate a wide variety of individually-chosen exercises, critiques, song excerpts from different genres, mock auditions, surveys, 

college-comparable juries, and more - all designed for me to get to know you, your singing/musicianship, and YOUR "best fit" major(s).

THE FINAL PHASE - Your Personal Consultation with Dr. B

The final step of the program is where I invite you and your parents/guardian (if desired) to a personal consultation/meeting where I give you my detailed evaluation of our work together and my recommendations as you prepare for your potential future as a voice major.

This 10-Page Evaluation:
  • DISCUSSES your voice quality, timbre, and strengths/weaknesses.
  • ASSESSES performance ability and "stand out" skills (phrasing, diction, rhythm, etc.).
  • EVALUATES your improvement from the first to the final lesson.
  • EXPLORES musical genres/styles that are natural and potential strengths for your voice.
  • OBSERVES your practice habits, work ethic, and overall attitude.
  • IDENTIFIES ​supportive skills that need strengthening (theory, rhythm, piano, etc.).
  • DELINEATES top degree choices that are your "best fit" musically & personally.
  • OFFERS repertoire suggestions that coincide with your goals/career choice(s).
  • ​PROVIDES "Success Strategies" to achieve your best possible scholarship audition.

View a sample FINAL PHASE completed consultation document HERE.  

All students afforded the same evaluation regardless of program level.

As program choice does, however, provide differing levels of  lesson time together,

the higher the level, the more detailed the evaluation becomes. 

​You have impacted me so much.  I could not be where I am today if it weren't for you pushing me.  You are so kind and supportive of all of us.  You'll never know just how much you have changed my life, but I am so grateful for you and all you do.

       Julia K

​I have seen how much you push me to be my best self and to always strive for bigger and better goals.  You not only recognize where your students are, but where they could be going...and that is so appreciated.

     Ryan T

 Ok...tell me more about the guy who will be teaching and evaluating me!

My Students Call Me...
Dr. B
(It's easier than hearing eight different pronunciations of Dr. Brautigam in one day!)

As Germont in "La Traviata" with Chautauqua Opera

Over the past thirty years, I have had the privilege of being a full-time, twice-tenured Professor of Voice with teaching experience encompassing five different universities, chairing

the voice department of a conservatory of music, and singing with numerous professional orchestras, opera companies, and performance organizations both in the US and abroad. Additionally, I am the founder of the major educational resource being used by universities around the world, Vocal Masterclassics.  

I received both my​ masters and doctoral degrees in vocal performance from the prestigious Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, studying with the renowned Metropolitan Opera soprano and pedagogue, Margaret Harshaw, and the 30-year voice chair, Dr. Roger Havranek.

I've taught approximately 15,000 voice lessons to students now singing around the world ranging from lead roles with the Metropolitan Opera and New York City Opera, to major houses in Europe and Australia, to popular musical theater venues and Broadway tours throughout the US.  Just as importantly, my students are university professors, secondary music educators, choral conductors, recording artists, church music and worship directors, private studio voice teachers, music therapists, and even missionaries serving in various parts of the world.

​You can peruse my full biography and professional materials HERE.  

I am so thankful for every one of my students, and have been deeply blessed to work with so many wonderful people.  My students bring me great joy, and it is a deep privilege to journey with them as they discover and uncover the talents they have been given.  To study voice is a precious pursuit because it is the exploration of something that is uniquely you.  No one else on the planet has your instrument, so no one can express a song the way you can.   Should you decide to move forward with this program, it will be my sincere pleasure to help you take the next step in the nurturing of YOUR voice! 

​You have taught me so much...not only musically to get ready for college, but you've also taught me a lot about emotional and social things as well.  You provide a space where I feel comfortable talking to you, and you gave me advice on what to do with my classes...making me feel like I was able to do it even though I felt like I couldn't.  Through your advice, training, and encouragement, I was reminded that God gave me a voice, and he gave you a voice...and your voice has taught me that my voice is capable of doing those things as well.  Your encouragement of me and pushing me to continue has been the biggest change and blessing I have received in a long time.                                     Allison L

To help you determine if the 28-Day Program is right for you, I invite you to...

Schedule your FREE phase #1 Lesson

No obligation to continue, and NO credit card information exchanged until you decide to continue in the program!

​I'm looking forward to meeting you and hearing you sing!

​​Since I started taking lessons with you, you have been a rock, and such a support behind my vocal journey. I appreciate your wisdom and your kindness, and how much you give to your students on a daily basis. Thank you for being such an amazing mentor.

                                                                                                 Katlyn H


The 28-Day Program Goal:


To clearly and substantively provide all students with the professional and individual input they need to make an informed decision about entering college as a music major with a voice emphasis - and to direct them toward the tools and information they need to be successful.


​​Thanks for investing in my life. I never had fancy, technical training, so I was very intimidated...but there is no one else I would have rather learned from. Yes, you want us to do well in your studio, but you also want us to do well in life!

​                                                                                           Paige L