For singers of all ages and experience who have never had voice lessons.

Welcome to Dr. Brautigam's

7-Lesson Introductory Voice Program

Taught ether in person in Franklin, Tennessee or online via Zoom

If you have never had voice lessons, it is a pleasure to welcome you to a program that is structured to help you begin to understand how to enhance, build, and energize your singing voice, and how to apply all you are learning to the music you love to sing!

By meeting with me individually in-person or via Zoom, the exercises and techniques used are not "one size fits all," but are specifically chosen and adjusted to address YOUR VOICE and your present level of understanding and expertise...whatever that may be.  As a result, you will be able to directly apply the techniques and training to the voice YOU have been given.  

Enrolling in the

7-Lesson Introductory Voice Program


The cost for the "7-Lesson Introductory Voice Program," is $90 per 60-minute lesson.

Because your first lesson, however, is provided at no cost, the overall cost is reduced to $78 per lesson, or $540 for the full 7-lesson package.

This may be paid all at once, or in two payments of $270 - before the first and fourth lessons.

Lesson One:  Breath and Physical Energy as the Foundation to Your Singing


Lesson Two:  Releasing Your Voice


Lesson Three:  Discovering the Richness of Your Voice


Lesson Four:  Focusing and Projecting Your Voice


Lesson Five:  Extending and Building Your Range


Lesson Six:  Singing That Speaks


Lesson Seven:  Bringing it Together - Techniques that Create Moving Performances


Included for All Students  

- Weekly Handout Summaries of Covered Lesson Material

- A Final Lesson List of 10 Recommended Songs Specifically Chosen for You, Your Personality, and Your Voice

No Charge

To enroll in the "7-Lesson Introductory Voice Program," please fill out the following form to submit your information.  Once submitted, you will be personally contacted via your email or phone within 24 hours.  As we set up your lessons, we will also then make payment arrangements to take place at or prior to your first lesson.  

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