Dr. Keith Brautigam, Professor of Voice



Below are a few comments students and colleagues have said about their work with Dr. Brautigam.    

​You Changed My Life

​"You have impacted me so much.  I could not be where I am today if it weren't for you pushing me.  You are so kind and supportive of all of us.  You'll never know just how much you have changed my life, but I am so grateful for you and all you do."

Julie K

​Encouraged to Be More

"You mentored me in a very meaningful way.  Going to college has been an identity crisis for me...not knowing who I am and where my talents lie, but you had so much faith in me.  I wasn't even going to audition for voice in college because I didn't think I was very good.  You really encouraged me to be more than just somebody who can sing a little bit, and to take responsibility for the talent I have been given...and that means so much to me."

Mark P

​You Believed in Me

​"​You believed in me when sometimes I didn't believe in myself.  You have helped me grow in ways I could not even have imagined.  Thank you so, so much for the work, care, and effort you have put into me, my life, and my lessons."

Laney D

You Taught Me to Sing

"You have been an inspiration...caring, helpful, exciting, and one of the funniest people I've met.  You really taught me how to sing, and I don't think I would have been able to figure that out with anyone else other than you."

Wynton E

You're There for Us

​"​Thank you for being such a staple in my life.  You want to see us succeed, and it doesn't matter if I make a mistake or not.  You're there for us, and you care for us, and you want us to do our best. Thank you for being so encouraging in my life."

Maria I

​I Was Intimidated

​"Thanks for investing in my life. I never had fancy, technical training, so I was very intimidated...but there is no one else I would have rather learned from. Yes, you want us to do well in your studio, but you also want us to do well in life!"

Paige L

​Insight and Images

"​Thank you for giving me such wonderful, scientific insight and powerful images.  I've experienced things clicking and my voice doing things I didn't know it could do.  You are super encouraging and kind."

Luke S

​Nurturing High Standard

"​It is evident that Dr. Brautigam holds his students to a high standard, but with a nurturing teaching style that encourages confidence in one’s voice and cultivates continued love and appreciation for the music.   I have treasured studying with Dr. Brautigam...and have made countless gains with his guidance, both vocally and artistically."

Ashlee B

​Teacher and Friend

"​Dr. Brautigam challenges each of his students to use their strengths to improve their weaknesses. He is constantly striving for excellence in each voice; every exercise, assignment, and repertoire choice embodies a certain goal for each student.  He expects regular practice regiments, and complete, thorough assignments .  In addition, his door is always open to his students for life questions, personal problems, and support in any situation.  Not only is he a teacher, he is a "friend" to all of his students."

Jennifer R

I Want to Pursue Music

​​"Thank you for all that you have done. You are so unbelievable.  Your love for God and your love for music...it's so encouraging for me, inspiring, and makes me want to pursue music even more."

Hannah E

​God Gave me a Voice 

"You have taught me so much...not only musically to get ready for college, but you've also taught me a lot about emotional and social things as well.  You provide a space where I feel comfortable talking to you, and you gave me advice on what to do with my classes...making me feel like I was able to do it even though I felt like I couldn't.  Through your advice, training, and encouragement, I was reminded that God gave me a voice, and he gave you a voice...and your voice has taught me that my voice is capable of doing those things as well.  Your encouragement of me and pushing me to continue has been the biggest change and blessing I have received in a long time."

Allison L

​Because of You

​​"I will always cherish the wonderful things you have taught me...not just about voice, but about life.  You taught me so much about my voice that I didn't even know I could learn.  I'm proud of who I am today because of you."

Aria G

​Support My Journey

"Since I started taking lessons with you, you have been a rock, and such a support behind my vocal journey. I appreciate your wisdom and your kindness, and how much you give to your students on a daily basis. Thank you for being such an amazing mentor."

Katlyn H​

​Bigger and Better Goals

​​"I have seen how much you push me to be my best self and to always strive for bigger and better goals.  You not only recognize where your students are, but where they could be going...and that is so appreciated."

Ryan T

​Teacher and Mentor

​​"​​You have become such a role model to me. Thank you for your kindness and your constant encouragement and wisdom...and thank you for being an amazing teacher and mentor."

Emily M

​Three Descriptive Words

​​"There are three words - hardworking, passionate, and loyal...and those are the three words that describe you, Dr. Brautigam.  You know what fits us the most, and you are so driven to have us understand what fits our range.  Thank you for being such a great mentor."

Madeline S


​​"Dr. Brautigam is able to diagnose vocal problems quickly and accurately, and then prescribe solutions for these problems in a manner that is understood and then applied. Bottom line, his students grow in both technique and artistry.  He is an individual who is committed to excellence both as a teacher and performer."

Todd G

​Outstanding Training

​​"Students receive outstanding training...tremendous growth in the course of studies with Dr. Brautigam."

Pearl S