"A Teacher of Teachers"

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Discover how far your talent and commitment can take you.

Students on Multiple Stages, Venues, and Service

Having been a professional singer and Professor of Voice for over three decades, Dr. Brautigam's students have been featured in lead roles in many of the world's leading opera houses, as well as with leading orchestras and choral organizations, on Broadway tours, and in such venues as regional and community theaters, recordings across multiple genres, and vocal production companies.  In addition, numerous students are passing on their vocal and performance training through serving in university voice positions, secondary education classrooms, private studios, missions organizations, music therapy careers, and church positions throughout the US and abroad.

Present/Former Student "Feature Performances of the Month" - April, 2024

Metropolitan Opera Soprano, Jennifer Rowley

Tenor and Worship Pastor, Josh Lavender

Soprano, Amanda Lehman McCarthy

Soprano, Amanda Lehman McCarthy

Tenor, Wagner Pastor

Mezzo-Soprano, Lisa Gerstenkorn

Lyric Soprano, Christina Rohm

Students:  Rosalinda - Abi Long; Alfred - Landon Staley; Eisenstein - Luke Brautigam

Mezzo-Soprano, Ashlee Bickley

Coloratura Soprano, Natalie Young

Bass-Baritone, Antonio Azpiri

Mezzo-Soprano, Kristin Hoff