A Message to My Former Voice Students and Accompanists

From Dr. Keith Brautigam (Dr. B)

February, 2024

To my dear former voice students and accompanists,

I hope this finds each of you doing wonderfully!  Thanks, also, for clicking on the link that brought you here - as this was the only way I could think of to reach all of you with this rather lengthy message (placing it on a private page of my website):  www.keithbrautigam.com)

I can't believe how fast the years have passed since so many of you were studying or playing in my studio at either IWU, Calvin, B-W, and/or Moody -- but I sincerely pray you all are experiencing God's richest blessings!  

As many of you probably don't know, my last semester of university teaching was the Spring of 2022.  After that, we relocated to Fort Wayne, IN where I accepted the position of Director of Education and Voice Teacher/Coach for the professional singers of the vocal production company, Heartland Sings.  However, later that year, we made the decision to pull up stakes and move to Nashville, TN both for opportunities for my violist son, Caleb, and also for a church that we greatly desired to attend (due to the quality of its worship) - and, bless God,  continuing my position with Heartland remotely. As a result, we are extremely happy to be here, and are doing our best to get more and more settled in Franklin - just south of Nashville.  

OK...but what is this all about?!  Bottom line, late last summer I decided to resign my position at Heartland and begin a private studio in my home -- as voice instruction has always been my greatest joy.  It is my desire to teach as long as God gives me the opportunity in working with singers of all ages, talent, and career pursuits.  

As I was discussing this with my son, Luke, he gave me the "bad news." He told me if I didn't get back on Facebook and also get Google Reviews, I should probably forget the whole thing! 

Therefore, in an effort to kickstart student awareness and enrollment, I'm wondering if I might presume upon you to provide a brief Google review of our work together and/or your voice study experience in my studio.  If you only have a small amount of time, you can just leave the 5 stars :) and be done!  Or if you have a few more minutes, a sentence or two (or three!) would be deeply appreciated as well!  Whatever you are able to do is fine! 

HERE, is the link where you can leave a Google review if you are able.  There is no need to reference when/where the lessons took place.  Simply reflect on them in any way you see fit, which will provide invaluable insight for others as they seek substantive voice study in this middle Tennessee area and online.  I am so appreciative of your thoughtfulness and any comments (or rating!) you are able to provide, which will mean much!  

Finally, I wish this was not such a generic message to all of you!!  In finding some of your Facebook pages, however, how fun to see new husbands or wives and children, as well as new positions, etc.!!  In that regard, please know how delightful it would be to hear more about all that is happening in your lives, which I'm sure is much!   So please feel free to drop me a note anytime!

Until then, many thanks again...and may God bless and guide each of you and your loved ones!

Keith (Dr. B)

Email:  kdbridegroom@outlook.com

PH:  765-507-0305

P.S. - HERE, again, is the link.  Thank you!