Private Voice Lessons in Franklin, TN or Online from Anywhere

Whether you are a sophomore in high school, a senior citizen, or somewhere in-between - a beginner or a seasoned professional - whether it's your first lesson or 100th!...

My commitment is to help you achieve your goals by introducing foundational vocal and performance techniques that will help you sing with newly-found freedom and confidence in any style!

No one else in the world has your particular instrument with all its colors, inflection, and timbre.  It is yours alone.  So when you sing, it is a sound that has never been heard before.  Why?  Because God made you unique.  How amazing is that?

When you then consider your one-of-a-kind personality and the life experiences, thoughts, and dreams that make you the individual you are, you can begin to understand that voice study is far more than just learning to "sing correctly."  Rather, it is a journey of discovery by being open to new ideas, as well as the application of techniques and exercises that ultimately provide a means of expression and communication you never knew was possible.  Just as important, however, my goal is to also provide a positive environment in each lesson where every student feels safe to joyfully explore, experiment, and learn - something that has been a hallmark of my studio for over three decades.

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Lesson Pricing  

Single Lessons and Lesson Package Prices

All first lessons are a FREE "get-to-know-you" 45-minute session with no further obligation, and can be provided either in-person on online. 

All in-person lessons are provided at 1027 Wyndham Hill Lane, Franklin, TN  37069  

Single 60-minute Lessons - $90

Four Lesson Package/60-minute Lessons - $350

Single 45-minute Lessons - $70

Four Lesson Package/45-minute Lessons - $270