Let us go singing as far as we go:  

the road will be less tedious.  - Virgil

Singing for Life

Voice Classes for Senior Growth and Enjoyment

Serving Seniors On-Site in Retirement Communities and Churches

Throughout Middle Tennessee

Presented by Dr. Keith Brautigam, Founder/Professor of Voice

Singing for Life offers weekly voice classes for seniors who want to grow, strengthen, or regain their voices so they can continue singing the music they love with increasing confidence and control.

Our Goal for Each Singing for Life Voice Class

To Build confidence and knowledge of healthy singing at any age!

To Enhance bodily health, vitality, and strength.

To Stimulate the mind, imagination, and memory.

To Enrich lives through meaningful artistic and aesthetic expression.

Through vocal training specifically designed to build and strengthen the voice at any age, each class is a wonderful opportunity to learn and apply sound vocal techniques that not only enhance the singing voice, but also benefit posture, breathing, memory, communication, and the list goes on!  

As a part of each class, participants apply the fresh techniques to classic musical theater, sacred, jazz, folk, and old and newer popular songs - all in a safe and supportive learning environment.  

The Amazing Benefits of Singing for Life Classes

As seniors participate in the study of voice through SFL Voice Classes, they can anticipate numerous life-enriching benefits:

Physical Health and Wellness

  • Healthy posture that promotes long-term health and confidence.
  • Deep breathing and diaphragmatic control that increases lung capacity.
  • Stronger abdominal and intercostal muscles (around the ribcage).
  • Boosted immune response through increased circulation and oxygenated cells.
  • Exercises that promote vocal health and flexibility.
  • Clearer sinuses and respiratory tubes.
  • Increased physical stamina and reduction of muscular tension.
  • Release of endorphins that helps relieve pain.

Mind, Memory, and Emotional Stability

  • Increases mental sharpness, concentration, and memory recall.
  • Helps build/restore personal confidence.
  • Releases serotonin and dopamine through meaningful activity that promotes satisfaction and a reduction of grief and depression.

Aesthetic and Intellectual Stimulation

  • Enjoyment of beauty and meaningful expression.
  • Satisfying engagement in the creative process.
  • Exposure to historical music, texts, and stories.
  • Growth in knowledge of the body, mind, and healthy vocal production.
  • Insight into lyrics and the motivations behind them.

Social Interaction

  • Increases communication skills.
  • Opportunities for interaction, fellowship, and friendship.
  • Enjoyment through sharing a common interest.
  • Empathy and awareness of others.

Personal Growth

  • Accomplishment of new goals with fresh challenges to overcome.
  • A personally-rewarding skill that simultaneously enriches the lives of others.
  • Promotes creativity, aesthetic beauty, intellectual curiosity, self-expression, and responsiveness to others.

"Dr. Brautigam is able to diagnose vocal problems quickly and accurately, and then prescribe solutions for these problems in a manner that is understood and then applied.  Bottom line, his students grow in both technique and artistry.  He is an individual who is committed to excellence both as a teacher and performer."

Dr. Todd Guy

Dean, School of Fine Arts and Communication, Biola University 

"You want to see us succeed, and it doesn't matter if I make a mistake or not.  You're there for us, and you care for us, and you want us to do our best. Thank you for being so encouraging."


To inquire about a "Singing for Life" class for your Retirement Community or Church

Email us at SFLClasses@outlook.com


Call 615-598-5081

Program Costs and Procedures

Where are Singing for Life classes given?

  • Classes are offered in 55+ retirement communities, community centers, and churches where there are seniors who desire to grow, strengthen, or regain their voices.

How many weeks do the classes usually run?

  • Classes typically run for either 8 or 10 consecutive (or nearly consecutive} weeks, depending on the desires and schedule of the venue.

How long is each class?

  • Each class is one hour long, with the first 20-25 minutes devoted to vocal technique instruction and exercises delivered in a systematic fashion that reinforce skills and principles precept upon precept.  During the remaining time, participants then apply the learned techniques to songs spanning a wide variety of genres. 

What is the cost for class participation?

  • The per person cost is $30 per class, which covers instructional materials and a class accompanist.  Total program cost per participant is therefore $240 for 8 week sessions, or $300 for 10 week sessions.

How do I make arrangements for a Singing for Life class at our venue?

  • To make arrangements for your organization/venue, please call Dr. Keith Brautigam at (615) 598-5081 or email him at SFLClasses@outlook.com.