Teaching Philosophy

No one else in the world has your particular instrument with all it's colors, inflection, and timbre.  It is yours alone.  So when you sing, it is a sound that has never been heard before on any stage...EVER. Why?  Because God made you unique in so many magnificent ways!  How amazing is that?  It brings to mind the Psalm of David when he said, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" (Ps. 139:14).  Perhaps in no other medium is this more evident than when we hear and see each other sing and perform!

When you then consider your one-of-a-kind personality and the life experiences, thoughts, and dreams that make you the individual you are, you can begin to understand that expressing yourself as a vocal artist means far more than simply learning to "sing correctly."  Rather, it is an opportunity to refine your very own unique sound that is waiting to emerge as you support, release, and energize your instrument.

As each student enters my studio, I consider it an opportunity and privilege to embark on a collaborative "journey of discovery" together -- that by exploring new ideas through the application of both time-tested and fresh techniques and exercises, you will be provided a means of expression and communication you never knew was possible.  

To that end, whether you are a professional or aspiring vocal artist, it is my commitment to help you achieve your goals by building on foundational and cutting-edge vocal and performance techniques that will help you sing with freedom, musicality, and expertise in any style!  In addition, I am dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment in each lesson where you feel safe to joyfully explore, experiment, and learn -- an atmosphere of growth and affirmation that has been a hallmark of my studio for over three decades.